Saturday, December 15, 2007

122 எங்க அண்ணா அக்கா என்ன சொல்றாங்கன்னா

இந்த அண்ணா அக்கா எல்லாம் சொல்றது என்னன்னு பாருங்க, இது இந்தியால சிட்டிஸ்ல இருக்க மாணவர்களும் இதெபொல தான்.

உங்க கருத்து என்ன ?

some responses for the videos
NumHeut (1 day ago) : This video is so stupid! What do they want? No one forces them to study, so why do they complain? Billions of people would be glad if they could have the self-made problems of this guys. Instead they have do deal with real live every day. So please, just shut up, because YOU ARE ONE OF THE LUCKIE ONES!

By the way: I'm a student, too and I will be 20 000$ in debt, as well, when I graduate. But this was MY choice.

Dancingwillies (2 days ago) : Students are not always certain that college is worth the time and money. They want to go but at what cost? If I am a journalist major why should I spend time in a Calculus class? The average class size at a state school is in the hundreds. How can a teacher possibly know your name when you are just a face in a crowded room? Different people learn in different ways and they are not learning anything by just listening to a professor lecture all day and do not receive any personal attention.


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