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52. இன்றைய நல்ல செய்தி - 03/12/07 (கண் தெரியாத மாணவரின் சாதனைகள்)

Disability no excuse for unemployment பூனெ டைம்ஸ் ஆப் இந்தியா பக்கம் 5- வாங்க வாழ்த்துவோம்

Social Organisation Opens Jobs Cell For The Differently-Abled In City

Pune: According to the 2001 Indian census, there are total 15.69 lakh physically-challenged persons in Maharashtra alone, comprising of 9.33 lakh male and 6.35 lakh female.

Though the figures are high, when it comes to employment, only around 1 per cent of physically-challenged people get employment opportunities.

“And most of the differently-abled persons from this one per cent are selfemployed,”
says Rahul Deshmukh, president, Snehankit Association. “That’s not all. The government’s three per cent reservation policy for the disabled is also being misused by persons who have very minor disability, such as missing finger and things like that. Those, who really need the reservation, do not get the benefits,” he pointed out, adding that totally disabled persons have failed to avail the benefit of the reservation policy.

Keeping this in mind, Snehankit Association, that works for the welfare of the visually-impaired, has decided to start a ‘disability employment cell’ on the occasion of World Disability Day on December 3. With the main aim of placing all kinds of differently-abled people, the cell will also be run by such persons.

“People have several misconceptions about hiring differently-abled persons. But they fail to understand that the attrition rate among disabled is very low. Also the costs of training spent on such persons turns out to be a huge investment,” says Deshmukh.

The cell has already placed one visually-disabled person in the accounts section of a city-based chemical manufacturing company. As of now, the employment cell has a vacancy for ten persons for a city-based corporate entity.

“We are starting our activities from December 3. We invite differently-abled persons to send in their resumes to us so that we can screen them and have further interviews,” said Deshmukh. Overall, there are various posts that can be occupied by the differently-abled persons, Deshmukh added.

For instance, posts such as industrial counselling, labour welfare officers, public relations officers, industrial social workers, voice processes in the BPO industry, liftmen, typists and telephone operators can be easily given to such persons.

Differently-abled persons can contact for further information.

Note : ராகுல்தேஸ்முக் FoC'ன் முதல் மாணவன். அவருடைய இடத்தில் தான் இப்போ FoC Library / Computer center இருக்கு

அவரை பற்றி இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் (from his Resume)

12ம் வகுப்பில் எடுத்த மதிப்பெண் 81.33 % Pune Board 13வது ராங்க்
பி.எ (Sociology) Pune University 75% 4th ராங்க்
B.ED. (History, Marathi ) Pune University 66% First Class 2003-2004 O Grade
M.A. (Sociology ) Pune University 82.51% First Class With Distinction ராங்க் 1

மற்ற படிப்பு

Certificate Course in Child and Family Counseling – Pune University
With Grade A, Awarded the Best Project- 2004.

Diploma in Social Work – Tilak Maharashtra University With 67%. Passed in 2004-2005

Certificate course in Information Technology From MITech With 75.20 % & Grade B

MSCIT Course completed from Siddhi Computer Education with 80%


Won a number of prizes in State Level Competitions like - Swimming, Essay writing and Elocution during College Days.

Writer of two volumes of a Marathi Book – ‘MAITRI NIBHANDHASHI‘ for Standard Vth to VIIth and for Standard VIIIth to XIIth. Great thinker of Maharashtra G.P. Pradhan has given his Prefix to the book & Book was published by Anmol Publication.


Rewarded as the ‘Best Student of the Year’ by Koregaon Park Blind School, Apate Prashala Sir Parshurambhau College, Pune for respective years .

Special Award had been given by the social welfare Department of Pune & Solapur For Greatest Educational Achievement.

Received ‘CHIRAG AWARD’ (2006) from Rotaray Club of Pune Up-town.

Received ‘VIDYA VRAT’ Award of 2005 from Vidya Institute of Management.


Reading, Meeting people, Making Friends, Helping others & Traveling


Optimistic Attitude,
High Grasping Power
Good Communication Skills
Good Presentation skills
Leadership Skill
Hardworking, Punctual, and Sincere.


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Today us the annual observance of the International Day of Disabled Persons, on 3rd December, aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.