Thursday, December 6, 2007

71 இன்றைய நல்ல செய்தி 06-12-07 (U)

இன்றைய பூனெ டைம்ஸ் முதல் பக்கம். இந்த அண்ணனின் சாதனையை பாரட்டி வாழ்த்துவோம் வாருங்கள்.
Rickshaw Driver’s Son In Merit List In Fourth Attempt

Pune: Krishnant Gholap (18), the son of a rickshaw driver from Nana Peth, has broken all barriers to stand 163rd in the All-India merit list of the National Defence Academy (NDA), which was declared on the internet on Wednesday evening.

Krishnant, a first-year mechanical engineering student of the Sinhagad Institute, achieved this feat after three unsuccessful attempts earlier this year. He failed to make the NDA list in January 2007 and the navy and army lists through the ‘technical entry scheme’ (TES) in July and August 2007 respectively.

However, these setbacks only added to his resolve. “You cannot doubt my sincerity and determination, Sirs,” Krishnant told the NDA interview panel. “This is the fourth time this year that I am trying to get into the armed forces.” Perhaps it was this statement that clinched the seat! Krishnant studied at New English School (NES) Ramanbaug, a prominent Marathi medium school, and in a short span of two years gained enough mastery over the language so as to conduct this entire interview in flawless English.

“It is a common misconception that young recruits in the armed forces must be the sons of defence officers,” says Krishnant, smiling. “I wanted to prove this theory wrong and I am glad I succeeded.”

Krishnant has excellent academic credentials. He secured 90.93 per cent in his SSC and an equally impressive 89.17 in his HSC. In fact, he topped the HSC science stream at the Poona College in May this year.

It was NDA cadet Ajinkya Umranikar, an alumnus of NES Ramanbaug, who fired in Krishnant the desire to join the armed forces. “I realised that the country has too many doctors and engineers and too few good army officers. The army is a noble profession in which you serve the country without any expectations,” says Krishnant.


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